Notice of Proposed Class Action

Doe v. YouTube, Inc.
United States District Court for the Northern District of California
Case No. 4:20-cv-7493 

You have been identified as a current or former Content Moderator who performed work for YouTube, Inc. (“YouTube”) in the United States as an employee or subcontractor of one or more of YouTube’s Vendors between January 1, 2016 and September 30, 2022. There is a proposed settlement of a class action filed against YouTube asserting claims related to injuries allegedly caused by viewing graphic and objectionable content while performing content moderation services for YouTube’s Vendors. 

The United States District Court for the Northern District of California ordered that this notice be sent to certain current and former content moderators to notify them of a proposed settlement of a class action lawsuit (the “Action”). This notice is not a solicitation from a lawyer, and you are not being sued. 

Your legal rights are affected by the settlement, so please read this notice carefully.



If you exclude yourself, you WILL NOT receive payment. You WILL have the option to file your own lawsuit regarding the claims resolved by this settlement or those that are sufficiently related. You WILL NOT be bound by the release explained in the notice.


If you do not exclude yourself, you may object to the settlement. If you object, you should write to the Court explaining why you do not agree with the settlement. The Court may or may not agree with your objection.

DO NOTHING You do not need to do anything to receive money. Money will be automatically paid to you if you do not request exclusion. You WILL give up any rights to sue YouTube for the claims made in this Lawsuit or any that are sufficiently related. You WILL be bound by the release.

The Northern District of California held a final approval hearing on May 12, 2023 regarding the settlement of the Doe v. YouTube, Inc. lawsuit. The court granted final approval of the settlement on May 15, 2023. We are currently in the distribution phase of the settlement, and payments will be made in the upcoming weeks. We appreciate your patience.